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Here are some nice things people had to say about their fishing trip.  Email me yours!

“Mr Kirk, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for a wonderful day last Friday. As in so many things you see advertised today they do not “come as advertised”. I honestly can say that you and your service came as advertised, and you were a gentleman, and very knowledgeble and successful at whata you do. I speak for Aaron also when I say that even if we had not caught a fish we would have had a very enjoyable and memorable day just spending time and talking with you. My only problem now…My wife…is going to expect bags of fillets everytime I go fishing.

And another, from  Gordon, in 2019.

”Hey Weldon. I wanted to thank you for a great trip. Very memorable. More importantly, Becky and I appreciate your patience and enthusiasm in exposing Sofia and Sonia to fishing. Sofia is hooked for sure and I believe Sonia will get there as well. Fishing is fun, but you make it even better.”

“Weldon thanks so much for making our trip so great. Both Monica and I cannot wait to hit a lake with you again. If you have ever wanted to take a fishing trip and was not sure who to call, you owe it to yourself to call Weldon. I have fished all my life both on the coast and local lakes in my area. This trip ranks at the top of the list of my greatest trips ever.”
Riverman, 2coolfishing.com
“My wife had never fished fresh water before yesterday (she is from the Phillipines). We hired guide Weldon Kirk and fished along Birch Creek section of Lake somerville. Not only did we catch a lot of fish, but the knowledge gained form this trip is something you cannot read in a book. Weldon really knows his stuff. And, my wife is now hooked on catfishing, which is what I really wanted. Now she understands the thrill of catching fish on rod and reel. Befroe, she could not understand what all the “fuss” was about. Now, we “HAVE” to go fishing more often…we caught so many channel cats that it will take a month to eat them all, even with help. Mr. Kirk knew the lake and knew how the winds would effect different spots. I am sure there are many things he did nto tell us, but not because he wanted to keep secrets…it is just that there wasn’t enough time in a day for this man to share many decades of catfishing experience.”
Keith, LoneStar Catfishers - Yahoo Group
“We had a great time fishing Fayette County with Weldon Kirk of Fish Tales Guide Service. It rained on us most of the day, but the bite was best during the rain. Thanks Weldon for the best trip we have ever been on. If you want to catch catfish book a trip with Weldon, a true gentleman.”
Fishbone, FishingCoastalTexas.com